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A Journey Towards Excellence

A Journey Towards Excellence
A Journey Towards Excellence


Hello Friends,

I have been thinking for a long time to write about True Entrepreneurs and Entrepreneurship and My Entrepreneurial Journey till now!!.

So let's begin! 

Who is an Entrepreneur and What does it mean to be a True Entrepreneur?

We often hear that he/or she is an entrepreneur who has started his or her own business. It is also the case that when we hear the term entrepreneur, we tend to associate it with a person who is starting their own business.

Let's define who an entrepreneur is and what he or she does.

If we look at the definition of an Entrepreneur from

It Says,

"An entrepreneur is an individual who creates a new business, bearing most of the risks and enjoying most of the rewards. ... Entrepreneurs play a key role in any economy, using the skills and initiative necessary to anticipate needs and bringing good new ideas to market."

In the modern age, an Entrepreneur is considered an Innovator who has a game-changing idea or a potentially new concept that can succeed in the crowded marketplace. But it's not limited to that.

An Entrepreneur could be anybody who visualizes a business, and takes bold decisions to establish the enterprise.

An Entrepreneur could be the owner of a business/enterprise who invests the capital and bear the risk of uncertainties during business life.

This is indeed the case as the formal definition of Entrepreneurship is that it is the process of starting a business or an organization for profit or for social needs.

Some of the top qualities and characteristics of an entrepreneur are

  • They have Vision
  • They Dream Big
  • They are Passionate
  • They are ambitious and self-confident
  • They have a good Risk-taking ability
  • They are good Salesman
  • They are Self-disciplined
  • They Work Hard and work longer than others.
  • They are Responsible for their failure and success.

Nowadays, every second man seems to claim himself as an "Entrepreneur"

But in my view,

An Entrepreneur is someone that would never call himself an entrepreneur. But it's ok to mention sometime in this Modern World! That's become a status symbol now!

An entrepreneur is someone that is happy to work while others are out enjoying

And Finally, The Entrepreneur Knows one simple fact and believes in himself that:
"I will make it. Maybe not immediately but absolutely and definitely"

To make things happen when it seems impossibly difficult for anything to happen.

He Continues to get up off the canvas when others are beaten down relentlessly.

They believe that They Will "WIN or LEARN" But Never give up!

They take action when others hesitate. They think big when others don't

They sacrifice when others don't.


I have started my entrepreneurship Journey in 2013.

I took a huge risk of leaving my lucrative corporate job in Toronto with a package of CAD $80,000/- Per Annum and returned to India to pursue my dream of starting my own company.

I started my first Company "DAKSH SERVICES" in December 2013 along with a Partner, acquired an existing 15-Year-Old Software Company "METALINKS SOFTWARE" in 2014, Build another Ecommerce Venture Called "Vrinda Market Retail Concepts Pvt. Ltd" in 2015.

Lost All 3 companies in a span of just 2 Years. On 16 December 2015, I was on the road.

Left with nothing. Neither Team Nor Company. Neither any Product to Sell Nor any Client To Serve. Completely Messed Up with Life as well as Career

"ताश के पत्तों की तरह TEAM को बिखरते देखा है, बनी हुई तकदीर को बिगडते हूए देखा है।हौंसला फिरभी बुलंद है, क्या आपने ऐसा कभी देखा है?

What is left was just Passion!

A Passion and Courage To start again. In fact, there were no other options left.
A Vision To Do Something and achieve what I dreamed of and the reason Why I came to India.

Friends, First time in the history of my life, I have gone through severe depression due to the collapse of a partnership and losing everything in business.
More than Time & Money, I Lost precious Friendship and the great Relationship came to an end.

But life does not stop there. The Show Must Go On Hence Took a break of 3-4 Months, Went to Rishikesh for a Spiritual Retreat, Removed all negativity, Cleaned Mind with Yoga and Meditation under the guidance of Sadguru Ramesh Ji.

After returning from Rishikesh, I said to Myself this two-line

1. "फेक डालूँगा अपने आप को आग मे और बदल डालूँगा आग को भी बाग मे" and

2. " साधना की अग्नि मे जालूँगा, सूरज न सही दीपक ज़रूर बनूंगा"

I came to India With a Reason and a Vision hence I will never give up so easily. Will Work Hard and Achieve whatever I have dreamed of.

With this Josh in Mind, The Brand RICHTREE.IN was Born in April 2016.

I have many memories, learnings and, experiences to share about these 2 Years of my entrepreneurial Journey between 2013 To 2015, both good and bad but I will share it in detail some other time.

The Journey towards Excellence started in 2016 with RICHTREE CONSULTANCY SERVICES and It's still continuing.

The roller coaster life began with this new brand and has gone through several ups and downs and is still in the process of making it a grand success!!

In March 2016 - No Products, No Team, No Company, No Clients.
In April 2022 - By God's Grace, Have Several Proprietary Software Products and Platforms, 50+ Digital Services To Give, Have a Strong Technical Team, and 100+ Clients to Serve.

Pawan Upadhyay