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IT Company Vs Software Company

IT Company Vs Software Company
IT Company Vs Software Company


Let's Clear the Confusion Today!

Many friends Ask Me...

FRIENDPAWAN, What is the difference between An IT Company and A Software Company?

Aur Teri IT Company Hai Ya Software Company Hai?

Aaj Ye Confusion Clear Kar Hi De Mere Dost!

Tu Bolta "I run a Software Company" Aur Ek Dusra Dost Bolta "I run an IT Company"...

Jabki Tum Dono Same hi Kaam Karte...Mere Hisab Se...

PAWAN: THIK Hai Mere Bhai... Tere Khatir Aaj Ye Confusion Clear Kar Hi Deta Hu...

So Listen...

IT Ek broad Term Hai...It covers everything...

It covers the use of Hardware, Technology, Computers, and Software, etc to achieve Operational Efficiency.

What is an IT company?:

An IT (information technology) company oversees the use of devices storing, retrieving, and sending information.

IT companies are responsible for making sure that operations are running the way they should. They ensure that devices are working properly and that data is secure. IT is also responsible for installing new software, hardware and providing technical support.

What does an IT company do?

An IT company has several different responsibilities that are the key to success in business. They do a lot of work behind the scenes, aside from making sure that your computers are working. IT companies make it possible for people to leverage systems and devices to keep things running smoothly in their organizations. Every day, they help teams use to access information, communicate and automate tasks through technology.

THIK Hai? Samjha Kuch?

FRIEND: Yes, Yes!...Mera Yaar Hai Tu... Acha Samjha Raha hai...Continue...Continue...


OK. Jyada Tariff Nakko!!

What is a Software Company?:

A software company creates products that take the form of various types of software. They work on technology, distribution, and product development.

What does a software company do?

Like IT companies, software companies also play a role in helping teams communicate and collaborate. However, their primary function is creating programs that make this possible. Software companies build useful programs that consumers and companies use every day. 

Simply put, the core difference between software and IT companies is that software companies create, change or maintain useful products. IT companies ensure that all systems, devices, and software work together to help people get things done.

Hope, No Confusion Now!!

FRIEND: Shabbash Mere Dost...Bahut Acha Samjhaya...Thode Aur Technical Doubt Hai...

PAWAN : Aaj Bas Itna Hi...!!! Aish Kar..